Oli Jones

Design & Art Direction

Ideas Britain Mobile App

Ideas Britain is an exciting new mobile app start-up that showcases people’s ideas, providing a new way to access opportunities and knowledge for ideas at any stage of development. People can view, help and vote ideas they like and want to see succeed. The most popular ideas win funding, expert advice and guidance.

I led the UI design of the app - collaborating on user-flows and testing various different prototypes and interactions. I also help manage various stages of the on-going production of the app, working closely with the development team. The app will officially be released to the iTunes market in April 2015.

Ideas Britain Mobile App
Ideas Britain Mobile App

Try the prototype below

Below is a fully functioning Invision prototype.
Amongst other things, you can see how the 'upload an idea' process works or browse a sample user profile - have fun and explore!
Please be patient and let the images load - they're quite large PNGs!


If you'd like to see what this looks like on your phone, open this link up in a mobile browser: http://invis.io/RD1SDDBE5