Oli Jones

Design & Art Direction

I like making things

Hello, I’m a London-based designer.

I design and build web applications. I tend to work within the realms of UI design, but I feel comfortable taking on any type of design challenge. Put a problem in front of me and I’ll work tirelessly to find a solution. I’m also a friendly chap and good at making the teas - essential qualities for integrating into teams of programmers. I love working with and learning from tech-minded people.


Responsive design, art-direction, user interface design, mobile applications, mobile web, UX/IA, front-end development, social technologies, advertising, ideas, tea.

Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Coda / Sublime Text (text editors of choice) Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP,


I have around 8 years experience now, working at various different digital agencies in London & Vancouver - this includes consultation for some global brands. Here’s a selection: Sky, Microsoft, Samsung, vitaminwater, Marks and Spencer, Odeon Cinemas, CBRE, Outrigger, BC Hydro.


Nice things said by nice people…


I had the pleasure of working with Oli on the design of a mobile app and website. Whilst his primary focus was visual design and branding, he also brought insight and valuable contribution to the iteration of user flows and wireframes. Oli’s visual design skills are fantastic and we were delighted with his placement on the contract after a lengthy hiring process to find the right candidate.

Oli was a great team member, contributing positively to group discussions and peer delivery, as well as bringing a supportive flexibility to the emerging needs of a start-up environment. It would be a pleasure to work with Oli again, I hope to do so, and can recommend him to anyone considering bringing him on-board

Lawrence Chapman
Consultant & Coach


Oliver is a fantastic designer with a great eye for detail. He introduced new processes and methods for designing high quality sites that we are still using on the team. Given the chance, I would love to work with Oliver again.

Kyle Peatt
Design Manager at Mobify


Oliver joined the CBRE team as a Senior Digital Designer to help us develop a new suite of digital products including mobile offerings and interactive digital screens. I would highly recommend Oliver for his ability to quickly integrate the team, strong design and UX skills and most importantly is ability to work with the development teams, understanding limits and potential of the development platforms whilst keeping the user experience at the core of his designs.

Jean-Francois Beaudry
Head of Digital & Platform Marketing at Thomson Reuters


Oli is one of those few great people in the industry who no matter how busy or crazy it gets, will always keep a cool head and produce work of the highest quality. He is an exceptional designer, a force for good and a hard working member of the team. An absolute pleasure to manage and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Steven Craig
User Experience Designer at Channel 4


Oliver is fantastic digital designer with an eye for all things digital. His understanding of all digital platforms is second to none and his enthusiasm is unquestionable.

Oliver was great to have a round in the office and he lifted the spirits of everyone around him. Zak Media Group wishes him all the best in his oversees travels and any agency would be lucky to have Oliver in the team.

Adam Sanders
Senior Digital Producer at VCCP

Oli Jones

  • Location: London, UK
  • Email: oli(at)olijones.com
  • Phone: 07575299928
  • Résumé: oli-jones-cv.pdf